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“I can see that your passion is what fuels everyone around you.  I know this camp made an impact and you have many more children to inspire!  Thanks for the opportunity, I’ve grown a ton!” – Christian

“Thank you so much for this opportunity!  I loved being part of this camp!  “ – “Suh”

“I was so excited to see changes in the kids as the week went on.  Those that didn’t want to participate, were anxious to help and we even were able to distract the kids from their phones!  That was incredible!  ”  – “Chair”


We respect our staff and promise to help them grow professionally and personally.  My Village staff are immersed in a total learning experience through our training and ongoing coaching.  We empower our staff through communication, compassion, mindfulness and awareness tools, so that they can be happy and balanced mentors to each child in our program. Our commitment to the staff ultimately benefits each child in the program moving us closer to our goal of making a positive impact, one child at a time.


We sent a search team to find individuals that can endure long days with kids and still have a smile on their faces.  It is an arduous task, but it is our duty and responsibility to the kids.  (ok so it wasn’t an offical search team, but we were certainly on a hunt!)

Here is a glimpse into their lives when they are not at camp.  

  • camps for kids affected by cancer
  • camps for kids impacted and affected by AIDS
  • camps for kids in juvenile detention facilities
  • studied abroad to work with kids from other countries and volunteer at orphanages
  • study at the Institute of Entymology
  • tour guides at the San Diego Natural History Museum
  • part of live bands
  • manage production of plays
  • we can go on and on and on…..  We are so proud of our counselors and know that they have a vested interest in making your child smile.  We can’t WAIT for camp!!!



We are always looking for great talent to join our team. Click here for recruiting info.


Owner – Maryann  *  Co-Owner – Ed *   Administration – Jen    

Web Master –Chris  *  Camp Director – Cher


My Village Camps creating experiences that inspire kids to be themselves. 

If you’ve read this far about our commitment to our staff and the testimonials, you also believe that this could be a great place for your kids!  Sign up below and we will contact you when our camp registration begins!