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Back to School Tip August 1, 2016:

Kids are back in school!

The last week and a half has been a whirlwind of signing packets of emergency information, contracts on the use of the library and technology,  welcome back letters from teachers, PTA introductions and let’s not forget the multiple visits to our local Office Depot, Target and Walmart for school supplies. It is part of the joys of starting a new school year.

Now that the dust has settled, here is a bit of information that helps reduce the stress of parenting.  As parents it helps to be strategic on the things we can control.  One tactic that helps reduce stress is to preserve your decision making.  That is, make checklists up front on things we need to remember in order to reduce the number of times we think to ourselves, “Is there soccer practice today or is it ballet or what time did I have to pick them up?”  Creating checklists leaves our  minds available to focus on the bigger issues that deserve more time and attention.  It takes some time up front to create these daily lists, but saves time, stress and anxiety in the long run.

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