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Have you gone to a grocery store and complimented a child sitting in a cart?  Telling them they have cool shoes or they are smart, creates “the magic”.  This is when a connection happens and the child begins to believe what you said.  Their eyes light up, their chins lift up and you see they just found pride in themselves.  It is quick and subtle, but makes a big difference in their day.

At My Village Camps our goal is to distribute “the magic”.  We execute an immersion experience that is unlike other camps.  Our goals are two-fold:  To make kids feel like they belong and make them feel important.  We understand that when kids have those feelings, it breeds confidence and resilience.  

Next time you are in a grocery store and you come across a child, compliment them.  “Awesome shoes, nice shirt, cool hair, you’re smart!”  I bet you will see for yourself “the magic” happening.  Their eyes light up, their chins lift up and their shoulders roll back. Now imagine that happening everyday….. that is the My Village Camps experience.

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To create experiences for all kids where they feel like they belong, are important and inspire them to be themselves!


We build villages that bring people together and positively impact communities, one child at a time.


  • Everything we do is in honor of the kids

  • Committed to staff development, continuous training and ongoing feedback

  • Show respect for others and the business

  • Do the right thing

  • Accountability

  • Be resourceful

  • Continuously innovate, collaborate and be creative

  • Be open to change

  • Be humble


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My Village Camps creating experiences that inspire kids to be themselves.

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